Sandy E. 

I really love this website! Actually, I’m not good at dressing up myself and following the trends even if I want to. I find it so hard for me to mix and match clothes for myself. Picking up what suits me the best is always the trouble. Being desperate to actually know the right article of clothing to buy and those I shouldn’t, I found this website. Here is where I was able to access tons of suggestions and tips that are not overwhelming. I find this website’s tips very useful and informative. They really give you the advice on what clothes you can look your best, and what dresses would flatter your figure in different occasions or seasons. It serves as my guidance in going shopping. Thank goodness I found this place or else, I’ll forever be clueless about fashion. 


Fara T. 

This is the only online shop which sells those unique items I rarely see at the boutiques I frequent. I always find their clothing choices really great and the designs very cool. They give amazing patterns that I was able to buy even if I am overseas. They respond fast to inquiries and my orders arrive safely every time. I actually expect that the delivery will take longer than usual shipping because I’m from a different country but then it was really awesome to receive my item faster than I expected. 


Bea D. 

I always loved fashion even when I was still a little kid. Growing up, it has become a habit of mine to always check various news about fashion and be up-to-date with the latest updates on the new trends. This website is really useful because they give the articles I want. Getting a subscription, I always get notified when they post something new and it was really helpful for me. I only hope you keep up the good work and that you continue providing a great amount of reliable news and updates. Next time, I’ll try to check out your shop!