Hi, I just want to ask if I have to create an account in case I want to buy from the online store, or is it not necessary?  

Hello, yes. You actually have to create an account on this website first in order to buy from us. It is necessary because we will be needing information from you and also, to contact you as well regarding your purchase. But for an easier way to sign up, you can just link your other social media accounts on this site so you won’t need to go through the whole process of signing up. 


Is the shipping free or its cost depending on the customer’s location? 

We do have free shipping most of the time when we celebrate holidays or when we have promotions. But on a regular day, shipping fees apply especially for shipping overseas. The costs though do not depend on the customer’s location. Instead, we do have a specific payment whatever your location may be. 

Hello, Shannon Whitehead. I always wanted to buy from this site but I don’t know if you sell worldwide. Do you also ship and sell internationally and is the fee for delivery just the same to others? 

Hi, thank you for thinking about purchasing from our store. Yes, our items are available even internationally and the payment is just the same as the normal price as well. However, if you live internationally and plans to buy from us, please make sure to register correctly and specifically to avoid wrong delivery information. Thank you. 


Can I get notifications if ever there are news about fashion or even notify me when you have new posts? 

Yes, you can be notified if ever we post something new. Kindly sign up and create an account here on our website. By giving us your email, we can always notify you anytime.