Shannon Whitehead website and the team were built and founded long ago when Shannon Whitehead herself, brought inspirations to all of us. As fashion lovers, we already have the mindset of pursuing our careers in the fashion industry. We love to create our own designs, blogs, tips, and recommendations to many people. Some say, it became our passion, and yes, we definitely feel passionate about this things. And so, we did create our own plans for the future with each other.  As time passed by, we eventually did our best in doing designs and putting our own names in different brands. 

We sure did a great job in helping with some clothing lines and we’re thankful that we did such things because it helped us continue with our passion. After doing those jobs, we decided to finally create our own website which was dedicated to Shannon Whitehead who became our inspiration for years, and up until now. We planned to not only share with you the beauty of our products that resulted from our partnership with clothing lines but fashion ideas as well. One of the successful outcomes of putting up this website is that it has become a useful site that gives tips and suggestions to those who are clueless about clothing. And so, we continue to deliver such help and give you more information you can apply to yourself every day. 

The recent development of this site is that we have turned it bigger than ever which caters to the fashion needs of those people overseas. From shoes to dresses, up to pants and daily wear, we have it all hear. Our team only wanted to do what makes us happy, but we definitely didn’t expect to find ourselves doing these things for many people. Still, we do hope that we become very helpful to many through this site.